50/50: Rafting and River Boarding

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This is the perfect combination of two amazing river activities: rafting and river boarding on the same day!

 Price: NOK 1820,- per person
Age: From 15 years
Starting time: 10.00 am
Duration: About 7-8 hours total
Bring: Swim wear and a towel


This really is the perfect combination for those with a lot of energy!

We start with a white water rafting trip on Sjoa, where beautiful scenery with a mixture of quiet sections, narrow gorges and fierce rapids gives you everything that makes Sjoa world famous. 

After lunch we are ready for the river again, and this time on a river board. We do a full riverboard ride, starting with training on calm water before we swim down again.
We play and surf on the river playspots and swim through big wave trains, but also stop in the eddies to get our breaths back and some chocolate bars for extra energy. All are parts of this exciting activity, which ends right at our base.

We provide thorough and customized safety instructions for all our activities. From us you borrow the necessary equipment such as wetsuit, wet shoes, helmet and lifejacket.