White Water Rafting from Sjodalen Hyttetun

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This is the same trip as "Family rafting in Upper Sjoa", but here you meet directly at Sjodalen Hyttetun and Camping,
Sjodalsvegen 1234,
2683 Tessand.
Perfect for those coming from the west!

Price: NOK 690,- per person
Age: From 7 years
Starting time: 12:00 (meet at Sjodalen Hyttetun)
Duration: About 2,5 hours total
Bring: Swim wear and a towel

The trip starts at noon and the meeting time is 15 minutes before. If it gets full, we also put up a trip at 17.00.

We start our journey in the majestic Sjodalen, surrounded by snow-capped peaks and idyllic hillsides.
On some stretches, you will experience how quickly the river changes character, from calm and soft to rough and splashing. Along the way, we may stop by one of the wave trains, where we jump into the water. One by one we can feel how the force of the river takes us through one of the fun wave trains, before the guide leads us into a big and safe eddy.
After about 5 kilometers of play, fun and good nature experiences it is time to go to land. The bus will take us back to the starting point where it is possible to buy a shower and hot drinks.

We provide thorough and customized safety instructions for all our activities. From us you borrow necessary equipment such as wetsuits, wet shoes, helmet and life jacket.

Name list with age, height, weight and shoe size must be given to us in advance, preferably when ordering.

NB! Meeting point is at Sjodalen Hyttetun and Camping, Sjodalsvegen 1234, 2683 Tessand. You can find Sjodalen Hyttetun and Camping on this map.

Book White Water Family Rafting from Sjodalen Hyttetun

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