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Rafting i Sjoa | Go Rafting Sjoa | Sjoa

White water rafting in Sjoa

From the majestic Jotunheimen National Park, the Sjoa river runs through mountain lakes, valleys, gorges and waterfalls down to Gudbrandsdalen. Once it has built itself up to its most powerful it finds its way through the village of Heidal. Between idyllic farms with grass-eating cows, the river divides the valley and at the same time facilitates world-class river experiences. From May to October, Sjoa and Heidal are full of happy river people. Whether they are on a rafting trip, kayaking or swimming down Sjoa on river boards, they have one thing in common – the joy of experiencing one of the world’s best rivers. Among the range of river activities offered, rafting in Sjoa is still by far our most popular activity.


Gaus på elvebrett i Sjoa | Go Rafting Sjoa | Sjoa

Other activities

We offer a variety of exciting activities for you to choose between. Weather you want to do one or combine with other river activities.
Our activities can easily be combined with each other, either the same day or as part of a multi-day stay. And common to all of them is that they give you the opportunity to challenge yourself in beautiful nature
– by, in and on the Sjoa river

Rafting i Sjoa | Go Rafting Sjoa | Sjoa


 Based on 30 years of experience we have put together several packages that we believe will satisfy the majority of needs, whether you arrange an excursion with the company, the school class, the sports team or for some good friends.
Although white water rafting in Sjoa is our most popular activity, we also offer other activities that can easily be combined with white water rafting.

Rafting i Sjoa | Go Rafting Sjoa | Sjoa


Go Rafting Sjoa is located on the premises of the old village school, which is beautifully situated on a hill just off the Sjoa river. The old school building from 1922 is at the heart of the area, surrounded by large birch trees, green grass, lush fields, hot tub, sauna and rafts.
Here we also offer accommodation to our guests, and with simple and cozy options both in rooms, cabins and lavvo, we have something for every taste and budget.

«Thank you for the greatest experience in my life so far!»

– ania


Other white water rafting trips

Rafting i Sjoa | Go Rafting Sjoa | Sjoa

Short Trip

Are you short on time or just want a taste of white water rafting? White water rafting in Sjoa is a world-famous river activity and our short trip gives you a taste of why.
Duration: About 3 hours

Rafting i Sjoa | Go Rafting Sjoa | Sjoa

Day Trip

This is our most popular rafting trip and not without reason. Rafting in Sjoa is a unique experience, both with regard to the nature of the river and its surroundings.
Duration: About 5 hours

Rafting i Sjoa | Go Rafting Sjoa | Åsengjuvet Sjoa


The canyon Åsengjuvet is known for its extreme and wild nature. This is our most challenging river activity, and the stretch offers a monumental experience for the adventurous rafters.
Duration: About 4 hours

Rafting i Sjoa | Go Rafting Sjoa | Sjoa

Sjoa Double

Norways longest white water rafting trip! Experience all the best Sjoa can offer from the extensive Murudalen valley, the dramatic Åsengjuvet and the gorge “Chocolate Canyon” to mention some. If the water level is right, we also run the hectic “Washing Machine” at the end of the trip.

Duration: About 7–8 hours 

Elvebrett i Sjoa | Go Rafting Sjoa | Sjoa


White water rafting / river boarding combination!
This is the perfect combination of two amazing river activities: rafting and river boarding on the same day!

Duration: About 7–8 hours

Familierafting | Go Rafting Sjoa | Sjoa

White Water Family Rafting

Family rafting is a great experience and a great option when the whole family wants to create good, lasting memories! Family rafting is suited to both those who are too young to go on the regular Sjoa trips, as much as for those who want a cautious approach to rafting.

Duration: About 4 hours

More activities with
Go Rafting Sjoa


Fully river equipped, we follow a smaller river downstream by swimming, jumping, rappelling and walking in water.

Bridge swing

You stand on the bridge, outside the railing. Far below you can see the gushing Sjoa river. You are solidly secured with a climbing harnesses and climbing ropes, and the only thing you need to do is to let go..

River boarding

You thought you knew how to swim until you got your hands on a river board!

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