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Experience all the best Sjoa can offer from the extensive Murudalen valley, the dramatic Åsengjuvet and the gorge “Chocolate Canyon” to mention some. If the water level is right, we also run the hectic “Washing Machine” at the end of the trip.

Price: NOK 1690,- per person
Age: From 18 years
Starting time: 10:00 am
Duration: About 8 hours total
Bring: Swim wear and a towel

From the beginning of the Åsengjuvet canyon until the finish a couple of kilometers before Sjoa runs out into the Gudbrandsdalslågen river, we raft more than 30 km. This makes the trip Norway's longest full-day white water rafting trip. Which section we raft first depends on the water level, but normally we raft the day trip section of about 15 km first. After a good lunch break, we paddle through Åsengjuvet, a beautiful and inaccessible wild gorge where the challenges comes more rapidly than before lunch.

We provide thorough and customized safety instructions for all our activities.
From us you borrow the necessary equipment such as wetsuit, wet shoes, helmet and lifejacket.

The staff and guides were very good and the whole set-up had a nice relaxed personal touch.

- Burgounje