Frequently asked questions

– when having fun in the river!
Q: How cold is the water?

A: The rivers we use for white water rafting, canyoning and river boarding come from high mountain areas, and rarely become super warm. But with good wetsuits and shoes you keep warm even in spring and autumn, and with woolen underwear under the wet suit you increase comfort even more. The water temperature may vary between 4-5C early in the season and up to 12-16 degrees in the warmest period. The area has a stable inland climate with good summer temperatures.

Q: When is the water level highest?

A: Nature controls this, and over the years we have seen high water flow in all months between May and October. Still the greatest chance of high water is in June, but Sjoa has something to offer, at all water levels. We haven’t seen the river with too little water for white water rafting during the season ever.

Q: How fast is the river running?

A: It varies on different parts of the river and with the water level.

Q: How deep is the river?

A: Varying between 10 cm and 10 meters.

Q: Can I bring my own safety equipment?

A: If you have your own equipment that meets our internal safety requirements, you may well use it. Bring it along, and we’ll consider it before the trip starts. For all our activities, rent of necessary safety equipment are of course included in the price.

Q: What do I have to bring when I go rafting?

A: You come a long way with a good mood and motivation for adventure. Swim wear for use under the wet suit, and a towel for use afterwards is also good to have. We also recommend that you wear wool/thermal underwear and wool socks under your wetsuit and wet shoes, for extra warmth.

Q: Does it cost extra to have a shower?

A: No, at Go Rafting Sjoa, the shower is always included in the activity price. Of course!

Q: Do I need to bring linen and a towel when I visit you?

A: No, you can rent from us.

Q: How far is it from Oslo to Go Rafting Sjoa?

A: From the Royal Palace to Go Rafting Sjoa it is 288 km via Hamar and Lillehammer

Q: Can I raft with glasses?

A: Yes, if your vision is very bad without. Bring Chums, or you can buy them in our reception if you want.

Q: Do we need to bring our own car or are we transported to the activities by you?

A: You meet at the agreed place. We supply transport in connection with the activity itself, unless other things are stated.

Q: Can I bring a GoPro?

A: Your safety is our top priority and the answer is no, based on risk assessments. Experience with the use of GoPro and other types of cameras (and other loose items) when rafting unfortunately makes it not allowed, as dangerous situations may arise. You are welcome to bring your camera to canyoning and caving. We also have photo service on most rafting trips. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions about this.

Q: Do I have to paddle or can I just sit in?

A: Our rafting trips are based on participation by paddling. The exception is small children on the family trips, who think it feels safer to sit in the middle of the raft.

Q: When is the season?

A: The season for river activities starts early May and lasts until about October 1st.

Q: How big wet suits and life jackets do you have?

A: We have equipment that suits most people, up to XXXL.

Q: How many persons in one raft?

A: Our rafts take between 3 and 6 guests, + guide. The most common is 6 guests + guide.

Q: I've found out I'm pregnant. Can I raft?

A: No, then you will have to wait until the baby has arrived.

Q: Do you have a menu for food allergies?

A: We serve food to every need if you let us know a few days in advance.

Q: Can I participate in rafting even if I have an illness?

A: We have had guests with many different medical issues over the years, and most of the activities can be adapted to different needs. There are some exceptions. Contact us in advance if you have questions about this, and we will find a good and safe solution where possible. It is important that you inform us of any illnesses so that we can take the necessary precautions.