You stand on the bridge, outside the railing. Far below you can see the roaring Sjoa river. You are solidly secured with a climbing harness and ropes, and the only thing you need to do is to let go.....

Price: NOK 230,- per jump (min NOK 900,-)
Age: From 12 years
Starting time: 4:00 pm
Duration: Depends on how long you wait before you let go...
Bring: Nothing special but empty your pockets and tie your shoelaces well.

At a bridge in walking distance from our base, we organize bridge swing. This is an activity that makes the adrenaline pump hard in the whole body. The distance down to the water is about 17m, and most people feel it in the stomach when they climb over the edge and are to let go - wearing a harness and connected to some ropes. The experience of free fall lasts just long enough for it to be doubted whether this goes well, until the ropes are gently tightened and send you in a long pendulum movement under the bridge.
Bridge swing is great as an additional activity after rafting or for those who just want a real kick!

We provide thorough and customized safety instructions for all our activities.

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«Super. Great people, excellent service beautiful scenery and a wonderful experience!»

- rob